Customs brokerage service (FEA traceability records)

Tanit Group LLC offers full package of customs clearance of cargoes

Our company is authorized to provide customs brokerage services, which include calculation of the customs duties for a specific cargo, issuing certificates of origin, payment of customs duties, filling in customs declaration, getting the certificates of conformity, confirmation of codes for imported and exported goods, price opinions, etc.

For a successful customs clearance, a series of preparatory operations is required – first, to study the specifics of the goods, wisely determine UKT VED codes, choose the best option of customs formalities, prepare the necessary permits for the goods, form a package of documents, calculate and pay customs duties, issue customs declaration for the goods.

The company’s staff includes experienced customs brokers professionally capable to perform any tasks for customs clearance of goods, which allows us to be among the leaders in the market of customs brokerage services for over 10 years. We offer our clients the best way out in every situation, within the legal framework of the Ukrainian legislation.

We provide a full package of customs clearance services including:

  • Determination of UKT VED codes for the goods;
  • Calculation of customs cost and customs duties;
  • Issuing PN/PD for import cargoes;
  • Cargo declaring under export and import modes;
  • Issuing certificates and permits for CC;
  • On request, we prepare and issue certificates and permits specified in the contract of exported goods;
  • Insurance of cargoes.