About us

Limited liability company «Tanit Group» has offered its services in forwarding and shipment area since 2002.

  • in 2002
    our company was
  • in 2012
    opening of Odessa
  • in 2013
    opening of Kharkov
  • in 2019
    opening of Moldova

Main specialization of the company is forwarding and carriage of import, export and transit cargoes in the ports of Ilyichevsk and Odessa and all related documentary processes.

Our company provides a range of services based on the principle of «door to door delivery»:

  • Organization of import / export / transit international sea container carriage via the ports of Ukraine, as well as European and Russian ports using the services of the leading shipping lines;
  • Transportation of oversized cargoes in special containers (Flat Rack, Open Top and others);
  • Transportation of out of gauge cargoes by sea and land (ro-ro + low loaders);
  • Transportation of small HVD cargoes, LCL;
  • Air carriage;
  • Organization of forwarding services to foreign trade cargoes (customs clearance, quarantine, veterinary, environmental and other formalities);
  • Land carriage of containers by railroad or motor transport in Ukraine and to any destination in CIS (Moldova, Belarus, RF) and Europe;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Assistance in export-import documents issuing;
  • Services of certified surveyors;
  • Services of customs broker-declarant for import and export clearance of goods;
  • Availability of additional services (obtaining the certificates of conformity, origin, fumigation, state control, registration of the special package of documents for forwarded cargoes, if necessary, etc.)

We value each our customer

For over 17 years, we have carried and forwarded goods. By land and by water. By trucks and by ships. For hundreds and thousands of kilometers. It is our job and we do it for the customer to be sure: his cargo will be delivered safe, to destination and in time.

The subject of our business is not unique — it is our attitude toward the subject that is unique.

To take the cargo at the point A and to deliver it to the point B — hundreds of firms do it. But not everyone is able do it with the maximum benefit and maximum convenience for the cargo owner. Actually, this is the appeal of the company «TANIT GROUP» as a freight forwarding company.

We save your money

Long-term relationships with the leading shipping lines and other service providers as well as the volume of the goods carried by the company as a whole, allows us to offer our clients competitive rates.

We save your nerves

Becoming our client, you get a personal account manager who takes care of all the issues you may have.

Over the years, our company has accumulated extensive professional base and considerable experience, based on which our team guarantees its customers:

  • High level of professionalism in operations, carriage safety, excellent quality of services;
  • Full confidentiality of transactions and absolute safety of operations;
  • Optimal performance time;
  • Careful attitude towards each client;
  • Comfort reception and delivery of goods;
  • Adaptability to customer requirements (service flexibility);
  • Assistance in the selection of the most profitable and optimal delivery option for each customer;
  • Storage of products and raw materials;
  • Individual approach;
  • Advice on customs clearance, preliminary calculation of the consignments value, which allows minimization of customs duties based on the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • Fast and smooth solution of all non-standard situations;
  • Complete legality and legitimacy of all transactions.